Representing Manufacturers • Finding User Friendly Solutions

The construction industry is always looking for products that work.  Gamble Associates looks for unique products that may or may not have been on the market for a while, that very few people may know about, but are products that provide solutions to construction challenges and facility maintenance issues.

In 1996 we found a unique product that protected concrete floors with just one application, Ashford FormulaAshford Formula had been on the market for more than 45 years, providing long lasting protection.  Ashford Formula is a catalyzed Silicate that hardens, seals, dust proofs and densifies the concrete surface.  Also, it has been used for years as a concrete curing agent, reducing curling and crazing.

In 2000 we found a concrete flooring system designed to rehabilitate old concrete floors, The RetroPlate System.  This took polished concrete floors to a new level, a long term, highly polished floor that stood up to heavy traffic and maintained its high shine, while staying within the Coefficient of Friction guide lines.  Since 2000, The System has proven effective on new concrete substrates, in classrooms, auto service bays, show rooms, airplane hangers, to name a few.

In 2002 we found Professional Water Sealant, a clear penetrating RTV Silicone Rubber.  In just one application, Professional Water Sealant will provide long term water repellency to any porous, above grade substrate.  Also, it has proven itself to be a true Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti System in a two coat system.

These are just a few items that we have found that have solved a problem for the facility owner.  VersaFlex is the manufacturers of Polyurea, SL/45, SL/75 adn SL/85.

Maybe we can provide a solution for you to a problem that has arisen during construction phases or in the maintenance of facilities